Study Time!

Hello world! Good luck to all those who sit their end of year exams soon – stay calm and keep studying.♥ Here’s a little update on my life… 

First off, I just want to say I’m sooo sorry. I have been inactive lately, and I feel terrible. Being a new blogger, I still have not gotten a hang on planning my posts or making time to write, because lately I’ve just been extremely busy – but I will get better!

I have my end of year exams coming up in 2 weeks, which will cover everything I have learned all year. My studies are my number 1 priority right now, but don’t worry – blogging will soon take over my life after my exams are over!

Thank you for being so understanding, I just need patience for another 3 weeks, and then there will be posts all the time. Some I have lined up include:


  • 2 x facial sheet mask reviews
  • My Mecca Maxima Chadstone store opening haul
  • My Sephora Chadstone store opening haul
  • 2 x blogger tags

I am so thankful for all the support I have received so early on, and I love this community so much. You are so inspiring, and make me want to keep doing what I love.

I will talk to you all so soon,

An xx

Disclaimer: The feature image is not my own.

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