Best Matcha Cafe in Melbourne?

Hello world! Those of you who know me, know that I am a green tea fanatic! Moving to Melbourne, I knew I had to visit the Matcha Mylkbar, a vegan cafe that’s been blowing up all over social media. 

So last Tuesday, I went on a brunch trip before Uni started, with my best friend to St Kilda to visit the insta-famous cafe (check out their instagram for drool worthy images).

It was smaller than expected, and wasn’t as busy (it was a Tuesday brunch time however), and we didn’t have to wait for a seat. The interior design was amazing as expected, and the staff and service was friendly and warm.

I ordered:

  • matcha pancakes, dark chocolate sauce, macadamia and kinako crumble, strawberry baobab coconut ice cream (AU$19)
  • matcha maiden matcha latte (AU$5)

Lauren ordered:

  • breakfast bowl with dragon fruit, banana, raspberry, almonds, activated chia, goji berry, orange & chocolate protein granola (AU$15)
  • tumeric latte (AU$6)



  • Pancakes – These were smaller than expected, and the taste of green tea was quite difficult to pick up, instead tasting quite flour-like. All the other components were to die for – I could definitely have a whole tub of their coconut icecream!!
  • Dragonfruit breakfast bowl – This was the same consistency as a smoothie, and had little surprise gems all over the place to mix up the texture. Loved it, tasted healthy AND oh so yummy!
  • Matcha latte – How can you go to a matcha cafe and not order at least 1 matcha latte? This changed my idea of matcha lattes all together. The matcha taste was so strong, making the latte slide towards the bitter side. Tasted super authentic, but I did have to add a teaspoon of sugar. Even better was it came in a massive cup!
  • Tumeric latte – Don’t be fooled, the latte only had a subtle hint of spice and cinnamon. We did however, add a teaspoon of sugar, we both have sweet teeth! It came in a smaller cup than the matcha latte, but was more expensive? Maybe it was the tumeric, who knows.

Overall, this cafe was definitely on the pricey side, overweighing the good food. I’d rather go to a cafe with good food at a good price, do you know what I mean? I’m glad I visited however, cause now I can tick it off my list of ‘Cafes to Visit in Melbourne’, and who knows, maybe I’ll come back to splurge myself if my matcha cravings become too much. Let me know your favourite cafes in Melbourne, your go to brunch orders, or your experience at the Matcha Mylkbar.

This was definitely a treat for myself, and don’t forget to treat yourself too! 🙂 xx


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