2 Litre Drinking Challenge!

I’m the sort of person who can’t seem to get enough H2O into their body, so I challenged myself to drink 2L of water every day (recommended amount) for a week! 

TIP#1: You don’t have to skip out on your morning coffee! If you’re able to skip, that’s a big plus, but if you’re like me, and you 100% need a coffee if you want to function somewhat normally that day, you can drink it! Just don’t include it into your water count.

TIP #2: If you don’t like water, drink green tea instead. I drank Kirkland Green Tea, which you can buy in bulk at Costco, with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, in a 600mL cup. Basically all day I was working and sipping on my cup, and ended up drinking way more than 2L. This is a great way to fool your mind, and also get the amazing beauty benefits of green tea as well, score!

TIP #3: Do not attempt challenge in the middle of lectures – otherwise you will be the annoying person moving in the middle of rows of people, going to the bathroom 24/7. Tone down the drinking when you can’t get to a bathroom easily, and ramp it up when you’re back home.

After a week, here are the benefits I saw:

  • Skin more plump and soft.
  • Dry spots and flakiness slowly went away.
  • Skin appeared more radiant and glowy.

I also researched the long-term benefits:

  • Less problematic skin – water removes toxins from body by flushing mechanisms.
  • Reduces wrinkles caused by dehydration.
  • Increasing elasticity and moisture.
  • Keeps body fluids stable – 60% of our body weight should be water. Any less than this, and we disrupt the normal bodily state. Any more than this, and we flush it out without consequences.

I’m definitely going to continue this challenge, and I really suggest everyone trying this out, and keeping it going for more than a week in order to see deeper, more long-lasting benefits. Keep me updated in the comments on how you guys go, and the differences you see in your skin. 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to treat yourself! xx

Disclaimer: Images are not my own.

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